Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt Book Tag

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of April! I still need to finish two books for the O.W.L.s and review three books here on my blog. On a happier note, I finished my math book today! No more math for the rest of the school year!

Instead of reviewing a book like I should probably be doing, I decided to do this fun book tag I found from The Bookish Mutant. I don’t know who the creator of the tag is unfortunately.

Find an author or title with a “z” in it.

“We Hunt the Flame” by Hafsah Faizal has been on my shelf for over a year. Hopefully I will be able to read it soon.

Find a classic

This wasn’t hard as I have a surprising amount of classics on my shelf.

Find a book with a key on it

Pass on this one. I couldn’t find a book with a key on it or key in the cover.

Find something on your bookshelf that isn’t a book

My bookshelf also serves as a nightstand, so I have a clock, some essential oils, (lavender to help me sleep and peppermint for headaches), and a sleeping mask that is too big so I don’t wear it. I also have some dance pictures and a mini speaker. My favorite item however, is probably the deck of “Throne of Glass” playing cards I got in one of my OwlCrate boxes.

Find the oldest book on your shelf

Originally published in 1854. I also have a copy of the Bible on my shelf.

Find a book with a woman on it

“Red and Black” is one of few books on my shelf where the girl isn’t a teenager. The main character is in her early twenties.

Find a book that has an animal on it

One of my favorite book covers of all time right here. It’s so pretty!

Find a book with a male protagonist

This book is technically from my school library, but I haven’t been able to return it yet, so it’s still on my shelf.

Find a book with only words on the title

Beautiful book beautiful cover.

Find a book with illustrations in it

I have two copies of “Charlotte’s Web”: One that was my mom’s and one that I’ve had since I was really little.

Find a book with gold lettering

Review to come soon!

Find a diary, true or fictional

Pass on this one too. I thought I had “The Diary of Anne Frank” before realizing I read it online.

Find a book written by an author with a common surname

I think Meyer is a common enough surname.

Find a favorite childhood book

“Ginger Pye” was one of my favorite books when I was around second or third grade. I still have a copy of it surprisingly.

Find a book based in the earliest time period

The Bible definitely takes place in the earliest time period.

Find a hardcover without the jacket

My dad reads books without the jacket and I haven’t put the jacket back on “Scythe” yet.

Find a teal or turquoise colored book

It looks more teal in person than in this image.

Find a book with stars on it

Can’t wait for the sequel!

Find a non-YA book

This is labeled under regular sci fi, but I would say it reads more like YA. I also have quite a few middle grade books on my shelf because of my sister. Overall, I have a pretty even mix between YA and non-YA titles.

Find a book with a beautiful cover

I’m currently reading this gorgeous book.

I hope you enjoyed this tag and I tag anyone who is interested in doing it!

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