The Smaugette Award!

Hi everyone! I’m back after like two weeks away. This is what happens when you’re a high school student balancing school, a job, writing edits, and a blog. Anyway, I was nominated for the awesome Smaugette Award by my friend Beck over at Smellfoy Can Read. Go check out her blog, it’s fantastic!

A Smaugette is… I don’t even know. I just came up with it randomly like eight months ago and I don’t know why I did? I just did. Anyway, this tag is for people who are generally amazing. And that’s all of y’all.


  1. Tag the creator (meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)
  2. Make sure you have the rules and smaugette definition in your post!
  3. Tag 10 fantastic friends you believe are worthy of this prEsTigIoUs AwArD
  4. Answer the questions I have!
  5. Make sure you put the award in the post so people can bask in its fabulousness
  6. Give them a new thing to try (if they want) and (if you want) try the one I’ve given you!

What I was Supposed to Try:

Beck gave her nominees the task of writing something for fun, and seeing that that’s pretty much what I consume my time with, I thought I’d share some of my writing. First, here is a short story I wrote last year in a Creative Writing class that is probably the funniest and cringiest thing I’ve written. Also, since I keep talking about it, this is the first chapter of These Broken Pieces!!! I literally never share my fun writing with anyone, (except maybe my editing group because I have to), but I think it’s about time.

What I want You to Try:

I’m kind of going to build off of Beck’s idea a little bit. Write about something, anything, for at least ten minutes a day for a week. After the weeks ends, choose the piece of writing you’re proudest of and share it in a blog post. It can be anything, from a single sentence to the start of a novel, anything you want. Get out of your comfort zone a little bit and be creative!

1. What is a random hill you would die on?

If you don’t know what this means, it’s basically something totally random that you would fight for. Shuri should be the next Black Panther. Fight me.

2. What are you being for Halloween?

I haven’t dressed up in a few years because I live in a ridiculously small town, (the graduating class at the high school this year is something like 96 students), but if I did, idk what I’d be. Maybe Black Widow?

3. Tell us about your favorite article of clothing and maybe(??) include a picture?

Okay, so I never post pictures of myself on here, but I have this red, green, and blue flannel shirt that I really like. I love flannel shirts. My family likes to make fun of me because that’s the only article of clothing I ever ask for.

Don’t mind the Wicked Saints map in the background. I wanted to get my bookshelf in the background but then realized I had a whole bunch of crap on top of it.

4. What’s your favorite Thanos quote? Palpatine quote? Any quote?

“Perfectly balanced, as all things should be-”

Nasty Purple Grape

I know who Palpatine is, but I’m a new Star Wars fan and don’t remember any specific quotes from him. Also, “Get lost Squidward.”

5. Who or what inspires you?

My friends and family inspire me quite a bit. All of you blogging people inspire me too! I wouldn’t be writing this post if it weren’t for you!

6. What are your top five favorite memes?

I know it’s four, but they’re still pretty awesome.

7. Who is your favorite fictional dragon, (besides Smaug of course)?

Uh…I don’t know. Evidently, I need to read more books with dragons.

8. Top five favorite books right now?

They change daily, but here are five that I really enjoy and talk about too much:

  • Dear Evan Hansen, (The play script version, not the book. The play script includes the song lyrics!)
  • Turtles All the Way Down by John Green
  • Cress by Marissa Meyer, (My favorite book in the Lunar Chronicles series)
  • Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman
  • Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas
9. What is your ideal novel?

I don’t really know. If an author can include humorous cinnamon rolls, loyal animals, a good group of friends, and battle scenes, I’ll be content.

10. What memory would you think of to cast a Patronus?

Most of my memories from camp are my best memories, so I’d probably think of either good memories with my family, hilarious memories with my camp friends, or when I got my dog.

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15 thoughts on “The Smaugette Award!

  1. Ahhh I love this! I’ll have to go back and read the first chapter of These Broken Pieces, but I had time to read your short story–adorable! CARL definitely has C-3PO vibes 🙂

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