The Cozy Fall Book Tag

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a fantastic day so far. It has been colder than average in Maine, so I’ve been bundled up in sweaters and flannels (I’m actually wearing a buffalo plaid flannel as I write this). I thought it would be a good time to participate in a book tag, since the last time I did one was in December. Oops! I found this tag via The Rantings of a Book Addict and it was created by The Book Belle on YouTube.

What Book Always Reminds you of Fall/Autumn?

Rise to the Sun by Leah Johnson was the first book I thought of. It takes place during a fall music festival and gives off total autumn vibes.

What is Your Favorite Autumnal Book Cover?

Far From the Tree is full of fall colors and it features leaves, so I guess this is a very autumnal cover.

What is Your Favorite Autumnal Drink to Read With?

I don’t have a specific drink that I read with, but I enjoy Starbucks iced pumpkin spice latte and I like chai lattes.

Do You Prefer to Read Early in the Morning or Late at Night?

I don’t really have a preference. I’m not an early morning person, but I do read for thirty minutes or so before taking a shower. I think I read more in the evening when all of my school is done.

Halloween is Coming. What is Your Favorite Spooky Read?

I’m a mood reader, not a seasonal reader so I don’t have a favorite spooky read. I also don’t really read any horror novels, despite Stephen King being from my home state.

What is the Ultimate Comfort Read for You?

I think I have comfort authors, not comfort reads. I can rely on John Green, Marissa Meyer, and Mary H.K. Choi for comforting and enjoyable reads.

What is Your Favorite Fall Reading Snack?

I love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! My sister just made a batch yesterday.

What is Your Favorite Autumnal Candle to Burn Whilst Reading?

I have a few OwlCrate candles that I really like the scent of. One of them has a wooden wick and smells very much like fall.

When You’re Not Reading, What is Your Favorite Fall Activity?

I enjoy writing, playing with my dog, Gemma, and scrolling through Pinterest.

What is on Your Fall Reading List?

I recently wrote a Randomness Discussion on this that you can find here!

I hope you enjoyed this book tag as much I did. I tag anyone who loves fall as much as I do!

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