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Birthday Book Tag!!!

Hi everybody! I hope you are all having an awesome day so far. Today is my 16th birthday and I wanted to celebrate by doing the Birthday Book Tag! Sixteen is a big number in YA books. Many of my favorite YA heroines and heroes were 16 when they set off on their adventures and I look forward to the adventures that this new chapter in life will bring me.

“Today Tonight Tomorrow” by Rachel Lynn Solomon might seem cliche from the description, but it was actually pretty enjoyable.

My most anticipated release has already been released, but I haven’t read it yet.

“Cemetery Boys” by Aiden Thomas has been one of my favorite books of 2020. I look forward to reading more from Aiden Thomas in the future.

“Scythe” by Neal Shusterman definitely deserved the hype it received. It was the last book I read and I can’t wait to read the sequel!

I don’t think I talk about the quotes in “Turtles All the Way Down” enough, despite it being one of my favorite books. John Green’s writing, especially in this book, is amazing and you can never tell me otherwise.

I read “Salt to the Sea” by Ruta Sepetys a few years ago but I feel like I would get more out of it now as a more mature reader.

I can’t think of a particular book that helped me, but I do know that reading a few pages from a favorite book can help me to refocus.

I tag all of my blogger friends with December birthdays!

The Fictional Family Book Tag

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a great day so far. I’ve enjoyed working at the apple orchard and school has been going pretty well. On the other hand, school hasn’t left me with much time for free writing. Today I will be doing the Fictional Family Book Tag, which I’ve seen on a variety of blogs but found the rules from this one.


  • Pick 8 books off your shelves (try to not pick just your favorites!)
  • Arrange them into a random order (randomizers are good for this).
  • In the order they are arranged, open them to a random page and write down the first name you see. Don’t mix up the names!
  • In the last book, find the name of an animal/pet and write it down.
  • Put the names in the right category.
  • Tag people (spread the love) copy and paste these rules in your post, or write them out yourself.

My sister opened the books and gave me the names for this tag. Do I trust my sister to give me a good fic fam? Never. Am I going to trust her? Ya.

Parent #1

Daniel from “The Sun is Also a Star” by Nicola Yoon. Not sure how I’d feel about Daniel as a parent. He is a writer, so that’s cool.

Parent #2

Nico DeAngelo from Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan. Would I really want Nico as my parent? Not really. However, I feel like his seriousness would offset Daniel’s free spiritness.

Sibling #1

Margo Roth Spiegelman from “Paper Towns” by John Green. I’m actually pretty happy that I got Margo as my sibling. She’s wild and mysterious, but I feel like she’d be a decent older sibling.

Sibling #2

The Darkling from “Shadow and Bone” by Leigh Bardugo. Heck yeah. Margo and the Darkling. He’s Nico’s child obviously.


Thorne from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. I’d love Thorne as my cousin. He’d be the best cousin ever. He actually reminds me a lot of one of my younger cousins, so Thorne is practically related to me anyway.


Finian from “Aurora Rising” by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman. Don’t get me wrong, I love Finian, but I wouldn’t want to date him. He’s very fly-by-the-seat-of-his pants and I’m not sure I could deal with that.

Best Friend

Andy from “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” by Hank Green. Andy is not the type of person I could see myself being best friends with. I don’t know, something about his personality and mine just doesn’t mix well.

Pet, (aka the only part I really cared about)

The niffler from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling. Obviously my pet had to come from Fantastic Beasts, and luckily I got my favorite one! I will gladly accept the niffler as my pet and companion.

I hope you enjoyed this tag! I tag:

The Reread Book Tag: An Original Randomness Tag!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day so far. I’ve been working on the third draft of my work in progress, “These Broken Pieces,” in hopes that I can move to the fourth draft soon. This is my third Randomness Tag and I’m excited to share it with you today! It’s called the Reread Book Tag.


  • Link back to the creator, (Brianna@ Brianna’s Books and Randomness)
  • Tag as many or as little readers as you like
  • Feel free to use my graphics!

I don’t typically reread childhood books, but I remember loving “Charlotte’s Web.” I have a feeling if I read it again I would still love it.

I DNFed “City of Bones,” (I know, shocking), because I was having a hard time getting into the story, but I would be willing to give it a second chance.

It’s not completely new, but I would reread “I’ll Give You the Sun” because of the sibling dynamics and wordy descriptions present in this book.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you probably know I hated “Swiss Family Robinson.” I never want to read that book again. It was too descriptive for me at the time but I know I DO NOT want to reread that.

I read “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” in fourth or fifth grade and I’d love to reread it again. At the time I didn’t understand all of the biblical connections, but now that I’m older, I’m sure I’d be able to understand them more.

I would gladly reread anything from John Green, (except “An Abundance of Katherines” because that was a nightmare). I’ve read just about all of his books and have loved all of them except the aforementioned Abundance.

I loved “The Lunar Chronicles,” (and even made a book tag based off of it!), and I’m sure I would enjoy reading them again. The only problem is finding time to read them again!

I’m kind of cheating on this one, but I would like to try “Six of Crows” again now that I’ve read the original Grisha Trilogy and because the Netflix series is due sometime this year.

I’m not an audiobook person, but I know a ton of readers really enjoy them. There are a few audio books I would like to listen to that I haven’t read though, such as “Sadie” which has a full-cast audiobook.

I hope you enjoyed my original tag! I tag the following people:

As usual, don’t feel obligated to do the tag if you don’t feel like it/don’t want to.

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Mid-Year Freakout Book Tag 2020

Hi everyone! It has been a week since I last wrote a post. I had my end of the year standardized testing for school Monday and Tuesday and I’ve been spending some time on my novel. I am officially back to work on it after taking a brief break. I’ve seen this tag going around and thought it looked like a lot of fun!

What is the best book you’ve read so far in 2020?

I have about 100 pages left, but man, “Queen of Shadows” has been the best book I’ve read so far in 2020.

What has been your favorite sequel of the first half of the year?

“Starsight” is one of two sequels I’ve read this year, (not including QoS), and out of the two, it was my favorite, even if it wasn’t my favorite sequel in the world.

Is there a new release you haven’t read yet but are really excited for?

“Aurora Burning” came out last month and I still haven’t read it! I really really want to though.

What is your most anticipated release for the second half of the year?

I’ve raved about this book enough that I probably sound like a broken record, but I’m super excited for it!

What is your biggest disappointment so far?

“Children of Virtue and Vengeance” was a pretty big disappointment for me, which really sucks because I had such high expectations.

What is your biggest surprise so far?

I was quite surprised by how much I loved “I’ll Give You the Sun.” I went in with low expectations but was blown away with the writing style and characters.

Who is your favorite new to you/debut author?

I was impressed by self-published author Nancy O’Toole Meservier, author of “Red and Black.” I really enjoyed her book and I’m currently reading the sequel, “Black and Blue.”

What are six books you want to read by the end of 2020?

These are just a few of some of the books I want to read the second half of 2020. I plan on reading “Siege and Storm” next.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I tag anyone who wants to share how their 2020 reading has been going!

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The Bookish Bucket List Tag!

Hi everyone! I hope your are having a wonderful day so far. Today was my official last day of public school. I don’t know what next year will hold, or if I’ll even be in the school building, but I look forward to my sophomore year of high school in the fall. I found this tag over at Evelyn Reads. I find all kinds of tags from her blog and overall her blog is just super positive and awesome. Go check her out!

The Rules:

  • Link to the creator in your post (Madison’s Inkwell)
  • Link to the person who tagged you
  • Tag as many people as you want
  • Have fun!

What book or series, (because of length, density, subject), would feel like an accomplishment to finish?

Book Depository (Alternate cover linked)

So many readers love “the Golden Compass,” which is why I’ve been so intimidated to read it. I don’t want to disappoint people by not liking it. However, I’m forcing myself to read it for a writing intensive I’m taking over the summer.

What author would you like to co-author a book with?

You’re making me choose? I mostly write fantasy and sci-fi, so if I was writing a fantasy or sci-fi book, I would love to work with Brandon Sanderson or Marissa Meyer. Stylistically, I think I write more like Marissa than Brandon, but it would still be fun! If I was writing a contemporary fiction novel, I’d want to work with John Green. His books pretty much got me into reading YA, plus his style is something I try to model my own writing after.

If you could interview any author for your blog, who would it be? What is one question you would ask them?

Oh man. You’re making me choose again. Any of the authors mentioned above, Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman, Rainbow Rowell, Rick Riordan, etc. One of the questions I always ask when interviewing authors, (I say always but I’ve interviewed two), is when did you decide you wanted to write a book or what made you decide to write a book. It’s something that I personally don’t know as a writer because I can’t really remember a time when I wasn’t writing something, whether it be a journal entry, short story, novel, or blog post.

As a writer, what genre is out of your comfort zone that you’d like to conquer someday and write within?

Historical fiction is out of my comfort zone, but I don’t really see myself writing it. I’ve recently been dabbling in some contemporary fiction, and I’d love to write some more in the genre.

What specific edition of a book would you like to own someday? It can be rare, a first edition, an anniversary edition, signed, one with a cover special to you, etc.

I absolutely love the new covers for The Lunar Chronicles and I would love to have copies of them someday. I think the covers really give off a comic book-graphic novel feel, which I think fits the feel of the series quite well.

Are there any books or bookish items you’d like to collect?

I don’t really collect them, but I love bookish socks! My sister and I started a sort of Christmas tradition where we exchange socks, so I have a set of Harry Potter socks and a set of Dobby socks. I also have Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom socks from OwlCrate.

Name one bookish place you’d like to visit, (not somewhere you’d like to visit because of a book and not a fictional place within a book. A library, bookstore, etc.)

I can’t think of a specific place, but I would love to visit a really old library or some popular indie bookstores across the U.S.

Name one bookish event you’d like to attend, (a festival, signing, a book fair, etc.)

I would love to go to BookCon or YALLFEST someday. I’ve never been to a book festival before because they’re all pretty far away from where I live, so I would have to turn it into a weekend trip or something. Seeing that I’m only 15 and can’t drive, I’d have to drag my parents along with me. I was lucky enough to be a part of Hank Green’s book tour for “An Absolutely Remarkable Thing” in Boston, which was a ton of fun.

Your WIP is getting published and designing the cover is solely up to you. What does it look like?

I haven’t thought about what the cover of “These Broken Pieces” would look like because it isn’t finished and I don’t have a publishing deal. It’s a YA contemporary, so as far as color scheme goes, maybe different shades of blue and purple. There is also a scene where my main is kind of comprehending a whole bunch of stuff on a roof at dusk, so it would be kind of cool if there was just a silhouette of her on the roof and the sky is just shades of blue and purple. I really don’t know, lol!

What’s one thing you’d love to accomplish in the bookish world? As a writer, reader, blogger, whatever you want.

As a reader, I would love to read 100 books in a year, but school makes that a bit difficult. As a writer, I want to have my book published by the time I graduate high school in two years, which is a daunting task, but I want to see if I can achieve it. Finally, as a blogger, I want to reach 100 followers before my one year blogiversary in August. I think I currently sit just under 60.

I hope you enjoyed this tag and I tag anyone who hasn’t done this tag yet!

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Get To Know the Fantasy Reader Tag

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful day so far. I haven’t done much reading the past few days aside from my school reading, but I only have two weeks left of school before the end of my freshman year. It went by way faster than I would have liked, but I still have sophomore year ahead of me to look forward to.

Today I’ll be doing the Get To know the Fantasy Reader Tag, which I found over on Evelyn Reads. I love her blog, you should go check her out!

What is your fantasy origin story? (The first fantasy novel you read)

I read The Chronicles of Narnia before I read Harry Potter, and they’re the first fantasy books I can remember reading.

If you could be the hero/heroine in a fantasy novel, who would write it and what is one trope you would insist on being in the story?

Oof. I have many favorite fantasy authors, but I feel like Sarah J. Maas’s style mixed with Jay Kristoff’s humor would be something worth reading. As far as tropes go, I would want to have that squad that would stick with me no matter what. It might not be much of a trope, but I still love it.

What is a fantasy you’ve read this year that you want more people to read?

“The Kingdom of Back” has already received some hype, and out of the few fantasy books I’ve read so far this year, I gave this one the highest rating. Go check out my review here!

What is your favorite fantasy subgenre? What subgenre have you not read much from?

When it comes to subgenres, I don’t really pay attention to them. I guess I haven’t read much epic fantasy because a lot of it is written with adults in mind, like George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

Who is one of your auto-buy fantasy authors?

Marissa Meyer, Tomi Adeyemi, and Brandon Sanderson, (who I’m still new to), are all authors I would auto-buy. I actually got my dad to start reading “Skyward” the other day! He’s been trying to find something just as interesting as “Throne of Glass,” which he loved, so I thought maybe he should switch up genres for a little bit to see if it helps.

How do you typically find fantasy recommendations? (Goodreads, YouTube, Podcasts, Instagram..)

I mostly rely on fellow bloggers, a few authors with opinions I trust, and Goodreads. However, some of my Goodreads recommendations have been really wack lately.

What is an upcoming fantasy release you’re excited for?

I have yet to read anything by V.E. Schwab, even though “Vicious” has been on my TBR since the dawn of time. I don’t know when this will be released, but it’s available for request on Netgalley, so hopefully soon!

What is one misconception about fantasy you would like to lay at rest?

I agree with Evelyn in saying that you don’t have to read certain books to love fantasy. I loved fantasy before reading Harry Potter. My dad likes fantasy and has never read Harry Potter. There are authors other than J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, and George R.R. Martin who have defined fantasy, and they deserve recognition too, such as self-published and indie authors who have written fantastic fantasy books and series.

 If someone had never read a fantasy before and asked you to recommend the first 3 books that come to mind as places to start, what would those recommendations be?

I’m going to completely contradict what I just said above and say Harry Potter, “Children of Blood and Bone,” and The Lunar Chronicles. Yes all three fall under middle grade or YA, but Harry Potter has a fantastic story, “Children of Blood and Bone” has an excellent world, and The Lunar Chronicles has a unique twist on popular fairy tales.

Who is the most recent fantasy reading content creator you came across that you like to shoutout?

I’ve been following them for a while, but the amazing reviewers at Novel Notions. I love reading their reviews and they are a great place to find fantasy recs.

I hope you enjoyed this tag and I tag:

COMING SOON TO BRIANNA’S BOOKS AND RANDOMNESS: Explorations in Journalism: Short Essays Discussing Big Issues

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The Star Wars Book Tag

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having an awesome day so far. The past few days have been really nice and sunny where I live. My sister and I have been getting out on the trampoline and my dog absolutely loves running around.

I’ve seen this tag going around a lot lately and thought it looked fun. I’m very new to the Star Wars fandom. I got the complete movie set for Christmas this year and I’ve been watching them with my dad. We decided to watch them in timeline order instead of release order because I follow things better chronologically. So far we’ve watched: The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, Revenge of the Sith, and Rogue One, but I’m familiar with most of the characters in this tag. Anyway, here we go!

R2-D2: Name a Series that Made You Laugh

M-Bot and Spensa combined made for some interesting dialogue that I was often laughing at.

Padme Amidala: Name a Badass Female Character

Celaena Sardothien was the first I thought of, but there are a lot of female characters I wouldn’t want to face in a fight, verbal or physical honestly.

Leia Organa: Best or Worse Love Triangle

All of them are terrible. I don’t care who is involved. I absolutely cannot stand love triangles.

Luke Skywalker: Name a Rising Author or New to You Author that You Love

I read “The Book Thief” a few years ago, but I recently rediscovered Markus Zusak and I forgot how great of a writer he really is.

Anakin Skywalker: A series that Started out Great, but Ended Badly

I tried reading “Insurgent” three different times but couldn’t finish it. It’s really too bad because I thoroughly enjoyed “Divergent.”

Qui-Gon Jinn: Name a Character Who Suffers a Tragic Death

SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Nehemia Ytger from “Throne of Glass” suffered a terrible death that I don’t think I’ll ever quite recover from as a reader.

Han Solo: Name Your Favorite Sassy Character

Ha Ha Ha! I’m becoming predictable now, aren’t I? If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know I can’t resist sassy, snarky, sarcastic characters, but it all started with Cinder. She is my OG Sass Master. Tony Stark and Percy Jackson are tied for second, but Cinder will always be my Sass Master.

Emperor Palpatine: Name a Series with Incredible World Building

I don’t talk about the world building in this series enough. I thought Marie Lu did an excellent job of crafting an immersive world that drew me in as a reader. Another great world is of course the world of Harry Potter, but, you know, predictable.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: A Series that Exceeded Your Expectations

It’s not a series, but “I’ll Give You the Sun really surprised me. I went in with fairly low expectations but this has been my favorite book of 2020 so far.

Master Yoda: A Series that Taught You Something or Made You Grow

Again, not a series, but this book was so eye-opening and it really made me think about the privileges I have here in America. “Kisses From Katie” will always be one of my favorite books.

Darth Vadar: Favorite Villain

Thanos is a perfectly balanced villain, (hopefully you understand this reference), but as far as book characters go, I don’t really have one. I love a well-rounded baddie, so I have several.

Chewbaca: Name Your Favorite Fictional Best Friends

I made it this far without using Harry Potter as an answer; you should be proud of me. Really though, how can you not choose the Golden Trio?

C-3P0: Name a Character Who Always Needs Saving

I can’t think of one surprisingly. Almost all of the answers to this tag that I’ve seen have Bella Swan, but I haven’t read “Twlight.” I wasn’t even a year old when the first book was released so…

I’m not going to fill out the rest of this tag because while I recognize the names of the other characters, I don’t really know who they are. I hope you enjoyed this tag and I tag anyone who wants to do it!

Disney Parks Book Tag

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a great day, (and week), so far. I’ve been reading quite a bit and getting ready to finish out the school year. I was tagged by Siren over at Sweaters and Raindrops. She has a really awesome blog, you should definitely check her out!

The Rules

  • Mention the creator and link back to original post [Alexandra @ Reading by Starlight]
  • Thank the blogger who tagged you
  • Answer the 10 questions below using any genre
  • Tag 5+ friends
  • Feel free to copy the heading graphics

They’re literally stranded on an island, in the ocean, but hey, it’s still water, right?


“All the Stars and Teeth” fits this prompt perfectly: it follows an ex princess-turned-pirate, a literal pirate, and the ex-princess’ fiancé.


I’ve never read anything by Stephen King, which seeing that I’m from Maine I probably should. I also haven’t read anything from the horror genre and I’d be willing to try it out.


“Throne of Glass” is a total thrill ride. There are twists that I did and didn’t see coming, which is part of what makes a fantastic book.


If I remember right, the majority of “Paper Towns” is set in Florida. While Florida is south, I wouldn’t call it southern south, if you know what I mean. Yet again, the only part of Florida I’ve been to was Orlando.


“The Kingdom of Back” features a castle…if I say anymore I’ll spoil the book.


I guess I don’t read very many whimsical books, because this was the only one I could think of that remotely fit the prompt.


“Children of Virtue and Vengeance” is pretty much set on a mountain, but there are a few scenes in which the characters are traversing up the mountain.


The Grisha Trilogy has aspects of Russian culture sprinkled throughout. There are many books that I’ve read that would fit this prompt; “Shadow and Bone” was just the first one I thought of.


While I love sci fi, I don’t read a ton of books set in space. “Aurora Rising” is technically considered a space opera.

I hope you enjoyed this tag and I tag anyone who wants to participate!

Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt Book Tag

Hi everyone! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of April! I still need to finish two books for the O.W.L.s and review three books here on my blog. On a happier note, I finished my math book today! No more math for the rest of the school year!

Instead of reviewing a book like I should probably be doing, I decided to do this fun book tag I found from The Bookish Mutant. I don’t know who the creator of the tag is unfortunately.

Find an author or title with a “z” in it.

“We Hunt the Flame” by Hafsah Faizal has been on my shelf for over a year. Hopefully I will be able to read it soon.

Find a classic

This wasn’t hard as I have a surprising amount of classics on my shelf.

Find a book with a key on it

Pass on this one. I couldn’t find a book with a key on it or key in the cover.

Find something on your bookshelf that isn’t a book

My bookshelf also serves as a nightstand, so I have a clock, some essential oils, (lavender to help me sleep and peppermint for headaches), and a sleeping mask that is too big so I don’t wear it. I also have some dance pictures and a mini speaker. My favorite item however, is probably the deck of “Throne of Glass” playing cards I got in one of my OwlCrate boxes.

Find the oldest book on your shelf

Originally published in 1854. I also have a copy of the Bible on my shelf.

Find a book with a woman on it

“Red and Black” is one of few books on my shelf where the girl isn’t a teenager. The main character is in her early twenties.

Find a book that has an animal on it

One of my favorite book covers of all time right here. It’s so pretty!

Find a book with a male protagonist

This book is technically from my school library, but I haven’t been able to return it yet, so it’s still on my shelf.

Find a book with only words on the title

Beautiful book beautiful cover.

Find a book with illustrations in it

I have two copies of “Charlotte’s Web”: One that was my mom’s and one that I’ve had since I was really little.

Find a book with gold lettering

Review to come soon!

Find a diary, true or fictional

Pass on this one too. I thought I had “The Diary of Anne Frank” before realizing I read it online.

Find a book written by an author with a common surname

I think Meyer is a common enough surname.

Find a favorite childhood book

“Ginger Pye” was one of my favorite books when I was around second or third grade. I still have a copy of it surprisingly.

Find a book based in the earliest time period

The Bible definitely takes place in the earliest time period.

Find a hardcover without the jacket

My dad reads books without the jacket and I haven’t put the jacket back on “Scythe” yet.

Find a teal or turquoise colored book

It looks more teal in person than in this image.

Find a book with stars on it

Can’t wait for the sequel!

Find a non-YA book

This is labeled under regular sci fi, but I would say it reads more like YA. I also have quite a few middle grade books on my shelf because of my sister. Overall, I have a pretty even mix between YA and non-YA titles.

Find a book with a beautiful cover

I’m currently reading this gorgeous book.

I hope you enjoyed this tag and I tag anyone who is interested in doing it!

The Dreamy Book Covers Book Tag

Hi everyone! I hope you are all staying healthy and have better weather than I have right now. It’s April and we’re supposed to get snow tonight. The perks of living in Maine.

I was tagged by Madeline @The Bookish Mutant to do this tag and it looks so much fun! I love pretty book covers as much as I love being random, so here we go!


-Thank the person who tagged you, spread the love!

-Link to the creator

-Use the original tag image in your post. (However, feel free to add whatever other graphics your heart desires)

-Tag at least 1 fellow blogger for this tag

No Idea but in Things: A book cover that perfectly expresses the novel inside of it

It’s as colorful and odd as the book inside. I love it.

Sugary Sweet: A cover that is so sweet you want to give it a hug

The artwork is so cute on this book! I’ll be reading it soon for the O.W.L.s.

The Simple Aesthetic: A book that stuns with the most minimalistic of designs

The cover is simple yet haunting. I think it really captures the synopsis of the story as well, (haven’t read the book yet, but I will).

Cover Envy: A book cover you wish you had on your shelf but you don’t

It’s so pretty! I love the cover for this book and I’m equally interested in the synopsis.

Travelling Abroad: A book cover that features a country outside your own

The focal point is the Eiffel Tower, and I live in the U.S.

Color Wheel: A book that showcases one of your favorite colors

“The Kingdom of Back” has such a beautifully blue cover. I’ll also be reading this for the O.W.L.s.

Switching Gears: A cover change you absolutely adore

I know it’s not much of a cover change, but the U.K. cover is so much better. I just reviewed this book a few days ago.

And the Winner Is: Which cover above is your favorite?

Definitely “The Kingdom of Back.”

I hope you enjoyed this tag! I tag:

Evelyn@ Evelyn Reads

Mandy@ Book Princess Reviews

Lindsey@ A Rambling Reviewer