Randomness Discussions #11: My 2020 Reading Stats

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a great day so far. It’s time for me to share my 2020 reading stats! This is the first time I have shared my reading stats, but I’d like to make it an annual thing. I made some pie charts to explore the different types of books I read this year. Note that this is is different from overall blogging stats. I will be writing a separate post for 2020 blogging stats soon!

So far, I have read 39 books and my goal is to read 40. I am currently reading three books at the time of this post and I should be able to finish them all.

Half star ratings were rounded up. Some books were not rated.

Note: I messed up on the women authors. I actually read 18 because I read two SJM books.
  • Favorite female author of 2020: Tie between Marie Lu and Jandy Nelson
  • Favorite male author of 2020: Tie between Markus Zusak and John Green (Did you really think that was going to change? Lol!)
  • Favorite non-identifying author: Aiden Thomas

Reviewing Stats:

Total Reviews: 37

Overall, I’d say it has been a decent year for reading. How many books did you read this year? What was your favorite five-star read?

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