“I’ll Give You the Sun” Review

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars

TW: Drug addiction, drinking, sexual abuse of a teenage girl, homophobic slurs, adultery, etc.

Hi everyone! I hope you are staying safe from the Coronavirus. My school closed off yesterday. Maine has a few cases but I know there are many of you out there who are in worse situations. Just know that I’m praying for you!

I read this book as part of an independent study in realistic YA for my American Literature class. My class was given the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of American YA books for our independent reading study. My first choice was “With the Fire on High” but I kept coming back to “I’ll Give You the Sun” and changed my mind at the last minute. Oh man, I’m glad I did.

The Plot

The story revolves around the lives of twins Noah and Jude as they grow up on the California coast. It switches perspectives between Jude when she’s sixteen and Noah when he’s thirteen/fourteen. The perspective change can be a bit confusing, as there are many storylines all kind of intertwined together. However, I love different perspectives, so I really enjoyed it. There are several key characters who meet at more than one point in their lives and that was cool to see how their stories interacted.

The Writing

Ah, the writing! I could gush about it all day. There are so many beautiful quotes that I could pull out but I can’t choose a favorite. Noah and Jude are both artists and the art in this book transferred through to the writing. Very well written.

The Characters

There were times when I liked reading Noah’s perspective more and then I liked reading Jude’s more. Noah thinks he has everything figured out, until he doesn’t and Jude is trying to find herself until she realizes she already has. Oscar was an interesting character for a while, but after that he got kind of boring. Guillermo was really cool to read from because who doesn’t love a mysterious person? And don’t even get me started on Brian and Noah. Gah, I loved them so much!


Overall, “I’ll Give You the Sun” is a book of self discovery and growing up, which is part of self discovery. Be warned that there are some sensitive topics. It’s on the more mature end of the YA spectrum. trigger warnings are listed at the top of the review. I hope you enjoyed this review and stay safe!

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